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Ana Dosen

Hello, my name is Ana Došen, and I'm a founder and principal teacher at the ASD Ballet School in Serbia.

On graduating from the National Ballet School Lujo Davico, I joined the Serbian National Theatre and performed in many successful company productions such as Giselle, Don Quixote and Swan Lake.
I’ve been a member of The Association of Ballet Artists of Serbia ever since. Even though my career focus has been around running the ballet school, I have continued my professional dance career as a freelance dancer for many companies across Serbia, most notably, musical theatre Terazije and KPGT.

After 13 years of experience working as a ballet teacher in Serbia, I have continued my professional development in London where I completed the Professional Dancers Teaching Diploma at Royal Academy of Dance in 2011 and have been awarded with the status of their Registered Teacher. This means that the children in Serbia will be able to learn Royal Academy of Dance programme for the first time and have opportunity get fully accredited qualifications from the world’s largest ballet examination board.

Recognition from RAD to register examination centre in Serbia, gives prospective students and ballet dancers from Serbia dance education under the same principles as in the United Kingdom or any country where RAD is currently present. This is the first time that the programme of the institution like RAD is present in Serbia and that the examinations will be held in our ballet school.

As a professional body RAD is encouraging their teachers and students to be innovative and achieve long-term contributions to the dance and dance education throughout the world. They seek to accomplish this through promoting dance, educating and training students and teachers and providing examinations to set standards and reward achievement. This is the way to preserve the rich artistic and educational values of dance for future generations.

"From the very beginning up to date, when she is about to complete her secondary education in classical ballet, Ana has displayed great talent, hard work and high responsiblity."

"As a member of The National Theatre for many years, Ana Dosen has proven to be highly professional in her work, determined and strong-minded in the realisation of all tasks entrusted to her."

"As an open-hearted and communicative person, tolerant and patient, she has proved in the work with her collegues to have great potential for effective interpersonal relations."

Why join us?

A learning programme to suit everyone

Our training is based on the Royal Academy of Dance globally recognised programme, covering all ages and levels, with no previous ballet knowledge required. The main aim of our classes is for children to learn the basic elements of classical ballet and develop their physical strength and body posture through fun activities. Good posture increase flexibility, tones muscles, and strengthens bodily systems. Simultaneously, the programme offers in-depth study that prepares students for a career in ballet dancing.

Fun environment

Through a variety of fun exercises and sequences of movement choreographed to music, children develop a sense of rhythm, characterized by grace and precise movement. Children build their self-confidence while exercising in a fun environment with a friendly group.

Graded and vocational examination

Our school offers an internationally recognised portfolio of examinations and assessments developed and administered by the Royal Academy of Dance Examination Board. Children preparing for examinations receive additional training that focuses on the RAD dance syllabus for either Graded or Vocational Graded Examinations. Children can start with the Pre-School Dance Curriculum, proceed through Pre-Primary and Primary levels, and then move on to the eight Graded levels or six Vocational Graded levels.

Annual school performances

Our school organises the annual ballet productions where the children can demonstrate their ballet expertise and achievement through theatrical performances. Using genuine ballet venues, costumes, and choreographies throughout the performance, children grow in their affection for the theatre while performing in front of family and friends.

Learning objectives

  • physical strength and body postures

  • general appreciation of music

  • practical knowledge of classical ballet

  • spatial awareness

  • rhythmical awareness

  • precision and control

  • co-ordination of movements

  • increased self-confidence

  • work in a group

  • responsiveness to an audience

  • affection for performing

  • recognition from the world’s largest ballet examination board